Drop-Cut Long Sleeve
Drop-Cut Long Sleeve
Drop-Cut Long Sleeve
Drop-Cut Long Sleeve
Drop-Cut Long Sleeve
Drop-Cut Long Sleeve
Drop-Cut Long Sleeve
Drop-Cut Long Sleeve
Drop-Cut Long Sleeve

Drop-Cut Long Sleeve

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Athletic and comfortable cut with our signature drop-cut hemline.

  • Wrinkle-Free
  • No Shrink
  • Athletic Fit
  • 67% Polyester
  • 28% Cotton
  • 5% Spandex
Round Bottom, Athletic Fit, Subtle StretchThe Difference Is In The Details

BYLT Blend Fabric
Premium performance blends of Polyester, Cotton, and Spandex leave you fresh and dapper.
Round Bottom
The Drop-Cut Long Sleeve Shirt has a round bottom giving you a complete look no matter what you wear with it.
Classic BYLT Fit
The BYLT Signature Drop-Cut is both athletic and comfortable giving you a stronger look even on your off-days. Fabric technology gives you that 'brand-new shirt' look, every day.



Honestly, I was skeptical at first, using a company I’ve never used before. First, I was pleasantly surprised by how fast they got the order out and to my door. Then, I was very happy that it fit so perfectly for me, and it was so soft. Even my wife said it looked nice, and my wife never says a damn thing. Yeah, they’re a little more expensive than an average shirt, but it’s worth it. The quality is there. They do fit kinda snug, so if you’re unsure of size, then maybe order up. I will buy more. -Jeremy M.Gets the job done. What else could you want in a shirt? Haven’t washed it yet, so don’t know how it holds up there, but seems pretty solid so far. -Shaun Q.BYLT makes great products, the fit, the quality, and the customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend these shirts to anyone serious about style and workout gear. -Charles R.

About Bylt

We were tired of cheap throw-away basics. After one or two washes, the quality and fit just weren't the same, so we wanted to do something about it. The BYLT team found a way to create high-end premium basics at an affordable price, and ship them directly to your door.

How It Works

By skipping high-cost retailers, BYLT Basics™ can invest in high quality without the price tag. Working directly with our manufacturing partners allows us to spin and weave completely unique fabrics.

Each of our garments undergoes a development process where fabrics and technology merge. Fit, design, and material selection is a key component to our design process. We've developed new fabric technologies that have advanced comfort and quality, so you can have longer-lasting basics.

"Your day starts with the first thing you put on. When you put quality on in the morning, you have a quality day."

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