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Treating yourself and making the world a better place doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. We know you’ll love the way you look in these shorts & love the way you’ll feel by helping build schools in underdeveloped areas with your purchase.

  • Mid-length swim shorts for swimming & everyday wear
  • No inner mesh because who actually likes that?
  • Elastic drawstring waistband for that perfect fit
  • 2 mesh pockets at the front, 1 velcro pocket around back
  • 90% polyester with 10% spandex for extreme comfort
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • True to size - this is not the time to squeeze into something you’re not :)
"Just received my first pair and tried them on. They have such great material and almost remind me of Lululemon shorts. And beyond the material, I took them into the pool and after getting out they dried in like 10 minutes so the material might even be water resistant. Been raving about this to all my friends and definitely will get more once there's new designs."-- Myles H.


Pro tip: This is not the time to try to fit into a size smaller than you typically wear. Our shorts are stretchy but you may need to cut out all the sugar and fats before you can fit in a smaller size, buddy.
If you are really in-between sizes, order the larger size for a looser fit or order the smaller size for a tighter fit.


Measure from natural waistline to the hem.
In 2006, wearing swim trunks past your knees was poppin'. This is a new era so we hope we can help you get with the new wave!


Our shorts have an elastic waistband with a drawstring so you will have 2-4+ inches in wiggle room within the waist size. We recommend staying true to your typical waist size and you should be good!

About Bamboo Ave.



It is our goal for 2019 to raise $10,000 USD to help build schools in Indonesia. We value true transparency and donate 10% of our proceeds to the nonprofit organization 'Classroom of Hope' to make this happen. Classroom of Hope is a nonprofit that builds schools in underdeveloped countries to give children a quality learning environment. Here at bamboo ave, we believe education is a fundamental human right and your purchase truly makes a difference.


Our stretchy, quick-dry shorts are built for basically anywhere. Whether you are going to the beach, pool, bar, on a run or even to work - you’re all set with your Bamboo Ave shorts!
Take it from us - a group of friends who love to travel and wanted swim trunks to fit for any and all places. Owning Bamboo Ave shorts is a commitment to falling in love with adventure and making the world a better place! All of your adventures deserve meaning.
We hope that no matter what your body-type is, how many pieces of pizza you had last night, or if you can’t do a single push up.....that you’ll take your shirt off and dive into the pool with your bamboo ave shorts on and feel confident.


You could easily choose to buy shorts from a mega-corporation instead. We know that. But we hope you’ll feel good about supporting a small start-up run by 2 people - not by boards, not by stockholders, not by algorithms.

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