Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo
Kanab Short Sleeve Polo

Kanab Short Sleeve Polo

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Cut from the same jersey knit as our Kanab T-Shirt, the updated Kanab Short Sleeve Polo offers style and casual sophistication in a new-and-improved material that's softer, lighter, and more breathable than ever.

  • Crew with self fabric neck band and 3 button placket
  • Shoulder seam rolled forward
  • Contrast chain stitch at side seam
  • 26 3/4" center back length
  • Regular fit


Using sustainable materials is core to our values. We use independent certifications to make sure our fabrics are the best available.

  • 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton. 185 gm / 5.5 oz
What is Hemp?

Like linen and flax, hemp is a bast fiber, meaning it is sourced from the fiberous parts of plants. As a result, it creates naturally strong fabrics with linen-like feel and drape. One of the first plants humans spun into fiber over 10,000 years ago, the plants used today as fiber sources are grown specifically for manufacturing uses. Commonly referred to as industrial hemp, these strains of Cannabis sativa are distinct from the psychoactive strains grown for seeds or oil. A natural fiber, hemp is an environmentally sustainable crop that requires no pesticides or fertilizers, and which grows in a wide variety of soils.

In addition to its reduced environmental footprint, hemp provides many unique performance properties. Cool and breathable like linen and flax, hemp has a crisper, lighter hand feel, and a natural strength that adds to the durability and longevity of garments.



  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • Low Iron If Needed

About Nau

Nau was started in 2007 by a group of brand, retail and product designers who wanted to create a new kind of business. The name, Nau (pronounced "now"), was drawn from the traditional Maori greeting, "Nau mai! Haere mai!", meaning, "Welcome! Come in!".

It began with a question: can business be a force for good?

Nau launched with a bold vision and a rebellious spirit, embodied by the project's early codename, "UTW", an unapologetic acronym for "Unfuck The World". Blending beauty, performance and sustainability, Nau's first season was crafted from sustainable fabrics including 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled polyester, in styles that redefined how stylish outdoor performance apparel could be.
Since then, the philosophy that it's always possible to make things better has animated everything we do, from the design of our apparel to the design of our business model. For over a decade, we've pioneered sustainable fabrications, retail concepts, giving programs and philanthropic partnerships. It's this relentless search for better that has produced the best in versatile apparel design.

Born of a need for better,
Nau designs versatile, sustainable apparel to go everywhere you do

We believe in making better product that lasts longer and leaves a smaller footprint. What defines a 'better product'? At Nau, it's all about versatility: the ability to move effortlessly through changing environments without changing clothes. Instead of a closet full of trendy, activity-specific jackets, we think it's better to have one beautiful piece that works on mountain hikes, city commutes, and international road trips.
To achieve versatility, we optimize performance, style, color and fit to create timeless pieces that transcend any singular use. Combining technical fabrics for outdoor performance with modern designs and tailored finishing, Nau apparel does more so you need less.

Better isn't a destination: it's a journey of continuous refinement.

At Nau, it's the path we've dedicated ourselves to pursuing: designing the best in versatile apparel, and giving back while pushing sustainable business forward. From design and development to operations and customer service, each of us at Nau embodies these ideals and we consider them with each task we take on.

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