Leather Tow Belt
Leather Tow Belt
Leather Tow Belt
Leather Tow Belt
Leather Tow Belt
Leather Tow Belt
Leather Tow Belt
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Leather Tow Belt

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We set out to make an ultra tough thick leather belt that would last a really long time and we did. Come to find out, a lot of people tell us that it’s lasted longer than any belt they’ve ever had and it’s not even aging much. They say it’s the perfect leather holster belt. We use 3 layers of full grain leather and our own custom 316 Stainless Steel industrial strength buckles. And the coolness feature is the 9 holes that are 3/4" apart for an easy snug adjustment after big meals. As opposed to 99% of belts with only 5 holes that are 1" apart that offer only a loose or tight fit. It’ll be the first leather belt you’ll be so proud of that you’ll take it off to show people.

100 Year Warranty

I designed this leather belt as simple and strong. I wanted a belt that would last for my whole life, but I couldn't find one anywhere. So I asked for Heavy Steer hides from the US and had them tanned at the tannery. That leather is unusually thick because of hormones and whatnot from becoming a steer. No thanks. It usually comes between 5mm and 6mm, which is pretty thick. Most leather belts are half as thick. It doesn’t need to be that thick, but I really like it like that. It’s pretty much unnoticeable unless you set it next to your brother's lesser leather belt. Then it's noteworthy. Not only is it thick, but it also has all of the grain (full grain leather). Some factories take off the top part of the hide (all the grain) to get rid of the scars so they don't have to throw as much away when making leather belts. But we didn't. It's the toughest part of the hide. So these are full grain leather belts.
Our custom buckle for the Old Bull Leather Belt is made from 316 Stainless Steel, which is kind of a super metal. Not techincally a precious metal, but it is to me. Definitely overkill, but you'll never have a problem with it. It’s a beast and can hold up to 750 lbs.

I designed it to have 9 holes that are ¾” apart. This is different from most leather belts that have 5 holes that are 1” apart. I was always frustrated with my own leather belts that were usually either slightly tight or slightly loose. This is my personal leather belt and it always fits just right.
Width: 1.5"
Thickness: 5.5mm to 6mm


Generally, if your pants size is size 36, then buy a size 36 leather belt. In other words, your general waist size. Until about November, we were saying, "Buy two sizes bigger than the waist size you generally wear and divide that by pi and times it by the circumference of your wrist and then buy that size. But we started using a logical sizing chart instead. So just buy your size.


The picture says a thousand words but when you see this belt in real life only one comes to mind...disappointment. I'm personally embarrassed on how I was bragging about this before it arrived and now I don't want anyone to know I got duped into spending $99 for this cheap looking Chinese belt. I waited several years to finally buy this and man can I say it's no different than anything you can buy at your local discount store.I've had this for about a year now, wear it almost daily (recently also got the 4-stitch belt in black). Got size 36 (really was a 38+ waist at the time). Have lost 30 lbs. (2-3" of waist) since, still fits perfectly. Love the 3/4" holes and adjustability. Love how this belt doesn't stretch. Love how I can get it just snug enough. I love everything about it. Truly, this is undoubtedly the best belt I have ever owned and I expect it will wear for many years. Only caution - check the size scale very carefully, like I did, it's different than what we were all used to.All kidding aside, this is an awesome belt. I've had it for almost 6 years now, I've worn it every day and pretty much every day with a holster on it. Still looks great, I gave it some of the leather milk stuff a few months into ownership and nothing since. Awesome quality. I felt bad buying a belt for close to $100 (price hasn't gone up much in all that time!), but looking at how awesome it still is, I have zero complaints.

About Saddleback Leather

My hope is that the more you know about quality and craftsmanship, the less you’ll get took and feel stupid and the more you’ll insist on quality in all you buy. And that it’ll spread. We’re not trying to save the world here, but by spotlighting high quality and craftsmanship we can do our part by lowering the demand for low quality and therefore for slave labor, chemicals in rivers and maybe save you some money along the way. And... if you can learn from my painful low quality experiences then it’ll mean that it wasn’t all for naught and it’ll make me feel better.

No Breakable Parts

So I was wandering around Poland one time with my briefcase on my back and one of my first suitcase in hand, when all of a sudden my suitcase handle broke. The thing weighed about 50 lbs. and so, as you can imagine, it was VERY inconvenient. I had to bear hug it, lug it around by the straps, balance it on my head or bend over and carry it on my back for the next 3 weeks.

Industrial ThreadMachinery and StitchingPigskin Lining

You'll find that most trendy pretty boy bags are lined with a cute shiny fabric. Once that tears, say goodbye to your pens and loose change. I line all my bags with solid whole pieces of pigskin. Pigskin has the highest tensile strength rating of all leathers (second only to kangaroo). Not only does it help reinforce the bag’s strength and shape, but it’s real soft and helps keep spills on the inside of your bag from staining the outside. You’ll see when you get it.

Multi-Purpose Belts

Some of our designs have removable side belts to securely close your bag or to strap something on. I strap my umbrella and tripod under mine. The straps are made of two long solid pieces of leather sewn back to back. These are very important if you're traveling in places like the subway in New York City or in Guatemala City where the thieves have really quick hands.
They'll steal your fillings if you yawn too long. Did I mention that some conveniently double as belts for a size 36 waist? Most belts only have 5 - 6 holes, but ours come with up to 25 holes so can use them for whatever in an emergency. I've also used mine as both a dog collar and leash more than once.

Truth is, sometimes beauty is only skin deep...like with cows. Their poetry is notoriously terrible, but man, their hides are nature's art. We don't believe that flawlessness equals beauty. Beauty is when we're able to see something as it really is. This is true with humans too. There are lots of quality people who are really beautiful not in spite of, but because of the marks life has given them.
Our Full Grain Leather is special because it's durable, natural, and it tells a story about a cow's life. Maybe the leather in your bag was from a real Casanova. Maybe he got tipped a lot. Maybe the bulls really liked the way she moooved. We don't know for sure, but we want you to see those stories and add your own as you carry your bag around.
We cut the nasty looking marks out and throw them away and the cool or insignificant ones we leave.

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