P3 Classic Launch Edition
P3 Classic Launch Edition
P3 Classic Launch Edition
P3 Classic Launch Edition
P3 Classic Launch Edition
P3 Classic Launch Edition
P3 Classic Launch Edition
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P3 Classic Launch Edition

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True to the original frames our mother wore (and lost) in Lalibela, Ethiopia, Launch Edition frames are lightweight and comfortable.

"I generally dislike sunglasses and was nervous about purchasing a pair online. Reason is I seem to have a low nose-bridge that most of other sunglasses always fall off easily. Finally I found the right one for me, it stays in place and lightweight. Perfect for me." Jace T.

Standard v. Raised Fit

Singaporeans are super diverse. That's why we created Raised and Standard Fit.

If you have high cheekbones or a low to medium nose bridge, and your glasses often slide down your nose, sit on your cheeks or move when you smile, our Raised Fit frames offer long-lasting comfort. As a happy customer named Dory said, "they pass the smile test!"

Standard Fit frames, on the other hand, are perfect for you if you have a high nose bridge or like your glasses sitting lower on your face.

The key difference lies in the height of the nose pad.

Featuring nose pads with 12 mm of padding, Raised Fit elevates the frames off your cheeks and offers you a more secure, comfortable grip around your nose bridge. More smiling - less sliding.

Apart from the nose pad, our Raised and Standard Fit frames are identical.

Details: 6 Things to Know

  • Polarized CR-39 lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, glare elimination and maximum visual clarity.
  • Anti-scratch coating prevents lens scratches whilst anti-reflective (blue tint) inner lens coating reduces eye strain.
  • 53-mm-wide lenses and a total frame width of 144 mm offer a flattering, slightly oversized look for individuals who like a medium to large fit.
  • Handcrafted acetate frames are strong, lightweight (only 29 g), rich in colour and easy to adjust without requiring heat.
  • Five-barrel stainless steel hinges provide durability to the structure of the frame.
  • Engraved ridge detail on inner temple tips prevent slipping.

About Rocket EyeWear Company

We're Ming and Shing, a brother-and-sister team from Singapore. Between us is our mum, whose knack for losing her sunglasses in extraordinary places inspired us to start Rocket.

On her way back from the temple of Nagadeepa in Sri Lanka's Jaffna peninsula, she accidentally left her shades in a boat. In Lalibela, Ethiopia, she took them off inside the Church of St. George and never saw them again. While she was riding a chairlift up Corviglia in St. Moritz, Switzerland, they slipped off her lap and disappeared into deep powder snow. The list goes on...

Every time she loses a pair, she returns to her favourite P3 shape - a classic, round frame originally designed for U.S. soldiers during WWII and worn by 1950s movie stars like Grace Kelly, Gregory Peck and James Dean. As a gift for Mum, we made her signature frames with a travel-inspired twist. She liked them so much she wanted two. So we made more, and we hope you like them too!

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