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Short-sleeve collarless popover in Indigo blue

  • Collarless neck, with three button placket
  • Short-sleeve with finished cuffs
  • 100% cotton, two-ply, with indigo dyes
  • Woven with environmentally safe fabric
    Single left breast pocket
  • Split hem
  • Contrast thread in top button hole
  • Available in 5 Hugh & Crye sizes: Skinny, Slim, Athletic, Broad, and Big (new!)
  • Cut slightly looser through the body for easily “popping” on and off


Our design philosophy for the Collarless Popover was to remove the most defining part of a men’s dress shirt - the collar. What remains is a humble garment: part henley, part casual shirt. The Collarless Popover is cut from a high quality two-ply 120 light-weight indigo cotton, with a 3 button quarter placket, single breast pocket, cuff finished short-sleeves, and a split hem. The Collarless Popover is perfect for warm days, and for layering under other pieces on cooler nights.

While we love being the authority of better-fitting dress shirts, note that our sizing approach to popovers is a bit different - they’re meant to be worn a touch loose. Also, given you’re literally “popping” the garment on/off over your head, it makes for an uncomfortable experience when the fit is too snug. While our popover is meant to be more relaxed in fit, remember that it’s relaxed for Hugh & Crye... which is still tailored and made to flatter your body type. That’s what we do! Note that our popovers come in 5 sizes: Skinny, Slim, Athletic, Broad, and Big. Learn more about our popover sizing, or to find your size, try out our FitFinder.

Given this garment is 100% cotton, it will shrink if put in the dryer. We recommend machine wash cold and line dry. Touch up with an iron if needed!
This particular style is cut from a solid indigo blue fabric.


Our Collarless Popover is cut from a two-ply cambric cotton, 120 yarn count, using indigo dyes and finished to give it a soft handfeel.


The Collarless Popover is our newest product introduction and has a similar style to last year's "Band Collar Popover". And we’re introducing them in 5 sizes. Gasp! That's not a typo.
We're trying something new here, and with the best intention (read: your needs) in mind. Our Collarless Popover is cut a touch looser, but still flattering. There just wasn't the need for 12 sizes in a casual garment like this. So what does this mean for you? If you already know and love your H&C fit stick with your build and the body length should work out really well for you (i.e. if you wear Average/Slim, then get the Slim fit in Collarless Popovers).


Great Buy !
So I was a little skeptical of purchasing this just because I wasn't sure how it would fit. However I've been following H&C for a little while and really wanted to buy something. It turned out absolutely terrific. I'll definitely be making more purchases in the future!
It's a great, comfortable, light weight shirt.

About Hugh & Crye

Our mission is a bit bigger: we help men become the best versions of themselves. And it starts with finding your fit.

Our call to action (i.e. hue and cry, wink wink) is against brands who make big promises but produce either ill-fitting ready-made shirts or overpriced custom-tailored garments and engage in unsustainable manufacturing practices that have adverse environmental and social impact.

Yes, we are a clothing company. But we didn't start with a factory. We started with a point of view.

  • Fit Comes First: Fit is about feeling good when you button up your shirt in the morning. It isn't just about being on trend, it's about being yourself. If something doesn't quite fit - your body, your values, your character - it throws everything off balance.
  • We Set Out to Solve a Problem:Our experiences with off-the-rack dress shirts for the masses were grim. We found ourselves with fabric ballooning out at our sides and shoulder hems sagging way below our armpits. And so, since we couldn't find dress shirts that fit at a price that made sense, we set out to create some.
  • Starting With People, Not Patterns:Most men we know can be described by body types - short, tall, skinny, athletic -- this made sense to us. So we measured hundreds of guys and devised six sizes based on body types. We had some samples made, and our friends loved them. Still, we knew we could do better. So we measured thousands of guys and finally settled on twelve unique fits.

What started as a point of view evolved into a set of beliefs.

Through experimentation, adventures, epic fails and a few successes we've developed a set of beliefs about how a dress shirt should fit and how it should feel. Now every shirt we make is based on the following tenets:

  • Think Shape, Then Size: Our 12 unique fits are based on our philosophy of how best to contour a shirt to a man's shape, coupled with our knowledge of the most common torso/height combos out there.
  • Nothing Extra, Everything Gained:A great fit leaves no superfluous fabric to bunch, pucker or billow in the breeze. We've done our shirt homework, so you don't have to.
  • A Fitted Shirt Is Not a Tight Shirt: A Fitted Shirt Is Not a Tight Shirt

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