Radiation-blocking Boxer Briefs
Radiation-blocking Boxer Briefs
Radiation-blocking Boxer Briefs
Radiation-blocking Boxer Briefs
Radiation-blocking Boxer Briefs

Radiation-blocking Boxer Briefs

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When encountering conductive material, electromagnetic radiation cannot pass through holes that are smaller than its wavelength. Our tightly-woven mesh of silver fibers (conductive fibers) creates an electromagnetic shield. When EMF encounters this electromagnetic shield, the radiation induces a displacement of electrons inside the conductive material, which reflects off of the shield. Thus your privates are totally safe from EMF!

  • 99% radiation blocked
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-odor
  • 53% cotton, 42% silver, 5% nylon
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine washable
  • Doesn’t ring at security
Perfect fit & design

Our design combines high-tech clothing with the comfort of everyday basics. We particularly crafted the seams for a natural fit, resembling a second skin.
With the help of top designers, fashion houses, and our clients, we created the perfect fit.
The result is simple: we have created the perfect fit.



Just received my first pair this week. Comfort is great and I find the silver on the inside really cool :). Will definitely order more!Wearing them is super comfortable. They have a nice fit and are durable. Got them for over an year by now and I can see just minimal signs of age. You can also feel the difference in radiotion-blocking compared to normal boxers.Awsome boxers fits perfect comftable as said with that space for the cherries also ried and tested with a mobile closed the mob in the boxer tried calling and no reach it trully blocks waves great job already saving for more boxers im going to replace them all and be using spartan boxers only keep it up the good work
Hope you_ll have some other colors soon. already have 7 of them and love them. Good quality and very comfortable
Bought them for my boyfriend. He now only wears spartan boxers

About Lambs

Radiation-Proof UnderwearBlocks 99% Cell Phone And Wi-Fi Radiation to Protect Your Privates“Use of cell phones decrease the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count, motility, viability, and normal morphology.” - Agarwal et al. 2009The Ultimate Undewear
  • 360° Wireless-radiation Proof - WaveStopper® is a patented silver-lined fabric that was developed following the same technology as NASA space suits and is certified to block over 99% of cellphone & wifi radiation.
  • Antimicrobial & Anti-odor - Made of XSoft Cotton® and Silver Flex®, Lambs underwear are naturally and permanently antimicrobial and anti-odor, keeping you cool and fresh until the end of the day.
  • Breathable & Comfortable - Fresh and breathable fabric to keep you cool, stay-put leg design to prevent riding up, and waistband that won’t roll. Because everyday comfort is just as important as your protection.

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