Roundneck T-Shirt
Roundneck T-Shirt
Roundneck T-Shirt
Roundneck T-Shirt
Roundneck T-Shirt
Roundneck T-Shirt
Roundneck T-Shirt
Roundneck T-Shirt

Roundneck T-Shirt

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Thanks to our FreshCore™ technology, these life-proof t-shirts repel stains, fight odour causing bacteria and show less visible sweat stains while keeping you fresh all day and beyond.

Made of 100% premium cotton: the fabric is breathable, feels good and looks great. Our technology doesn’t compromise the hand feel of the cotton, but preserve its softness.
Due to the unique combination of technologies our products are easy to care for, you can wear your t-shirt 3.5 times before having to wash it. *The result is from our customer satisfaction survey based on 1000+ responses.
Made in Portugal. We also follow the REACH regulations set by the European Union for safe use of chemicals. Our partners and treatments are all OEKO-TEX and Blue Sign certified, which means they are safe for you and the environment.

  • Stain repellent
  • Odour repellent
  • Moisture wicking
  • 100% cotton
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made in Europe


Fits true to size, if you are in between sizes we recommend to go one size up.
If you wear our shirts in slim fit, take the same size. If you however wear the regular fit, we recommend to go one size up.
Keep in mind 2% shrinking.

About Labfresh

"We created LABFRESH because we wanted to make clothes that are functional, sustainable and look great at the same time, a combination we felt the industry was lacking."
- Kasper Brandi Petersen & Lotte Vink

We improve everyday clothing by using the latest innovations in textile technology. Our mission is to make your life easier, fight overconsumption and reduce waste.

FreshCore™ is a unique treatment mix developed by LABFRESH that combines several performance enhancing technologies in one: hydrophobic, antibacterial and easy care. The combination of these 3 properties allow our products to be stain and odour repellent and stay fresh longer.

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