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Premium, distinctive colored men's shoelaces for your boring shoe holes. Add that small pop of color and show some subtle self expression.


  • 33” in length (Standard for most dress shoes. Ideal for 4-5 pairs of shoeholes).
  • Made of super strong nylon/poly weave.
  • Sold as a pair! C’mon, 1 lace would just be plain evil.
Practically Immortal Aglets

Whiskers aglets (the ends of a shoelace that keep it together) are made of metal. Because metal is metal \m/

A weave made for tug-of-war

Durable woven laces that won’t break when you need them to, you know… be functional laces and keep your shoes on your feet.

The Storage Spool

We know you’ll be getting more than one pair, and keeping them tidy can get pretty intense. So our pairs of laces come wrapped around their own spool for maximum storage power.


Snazzy laces
I bought these for my husband and he loves them. They came quickly with fun packaging.
I’ve gotten lots a positive feedback from friends, family and coworkers about these laces. I love them.
Good quality and very stylish.
This color combo goes with any shoe. Very happy with purchase.
Cool laces
Love the design and quality. Just a little long but makes for more noticeable bows.

About Whiskers

A few years back while our founder, Kyle Groth, was lacing up for the day ahead, his right shoelace decided it was it’s time to go home to the Big Shoebox in the Sky (and it broke unexpectedly).
Searching for a replacement lace, Kyle went into an upscale shoe store. No dice. They told him they “don’t sell just the laces”. What? Why not sell just the laces?
Just then, a tiny hole in the world of fashion opened up and Whiskers was born to fill it.
Whiskers are premium colored laces for the rebellious person with feet in all of us. And you don’t have to buy a boring pair of shoes to get them.

Your shoes, less boring

If shoes were animals, they would never reproduce and further their own species. They have no distinguishing marks to catch a suitor’s eye. Luckily for us all, Whiskers exist.

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