Stretch Hemp Short
Stretch Hemp Short
Stretch Hemp Short
Stretch Hemp Short
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Stretch Hemp Short

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Our hemp fabric is more durable and breathable than cotton and offers the same cooling feeling and light weight of linen. The stretch adds comfort and versatility and the salt and pepper coloring gives the shorts a more refined look. Leave them on all summer long--wash infrequently.


9-inch inseam, classic side pockets, rear welt pockets, button closure, zip fly. Shorts will soften with washing.


  • Slim overall fit but the stretch and light weight give the shorts a relaxed feel.
  • Model is 6'0 165 llbs and is wearing a size 30.
"I'm a fan of hemp material. I live in AZ; these shorts are perfect for our summer days and warm evenings. Lite breathable materials, I'm enjoying them. Good product."--Jay U.


98% hemp; 2% spandex. Read more about hemp.


Made from a locally sourced, imported deadstock fabric.

Who We Are

Just like the pair of jeans that got you all the way through college or the sneakers you took on a trip around the world, we’re only interested in designing products that will be with you for years during the experiences that define who you are. And by making clothing in local factories using sustainably-sourced materials, we’re creating unique, versatile products that tell their own story -and it’s one you’ll want to hear.

Sustainable Practices

We're always thinking about ways to make our products better and to have less of an impact on the environment. In a lot of way being a small brand helps us control our supply chain by working with small local factories and suppliers, which reduces the footprint of our products by not using materials that ship from around the globe and allowing us to work with deadstock fabrics that otherwise would end up in a landfill.

Deadstock Fabrics

As a small brand, it's hard for us to make much of an impact on the global fashion industry and the damage that it does to the environment. And although a lot of well-meaning brands are making an effort to use more sustainably-made fabrics these days, even some of the most progressive eco-fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled polyester (which definitely represent progress from traditional pesticide-rich cotton production and oil-heavy polyester and nylon production) still leave a large footprint on the environment.

What we've realized, along with some other forward-thinking smaller brands, is that one of the best things we can do to reduce the global environmental footprint of our products is to use deadstock fabrics whenever possible in the production of our clothing. Deadstock fabrics are those that have gone unused by mills or larger brands for one reason or another and so are unloaded on middlemen or sold secondhand directly by mills or brands to avoid sending them to rot in a landfill. By using these fabrics that already exist, we do our small part to ensure that these fabrics don't end up in a landfill. It's our equivalent of buying finished goods from a thrift store.

Our Influencer Pants are made from a deadstock cotton/spandex fabric from an American mill that is no longer in business, and our new Tencel (TM) pants that we're working on are also made from a domestic deadstock fabric. Aside from being amazing fabrics that we love, it's good to know that we're giving this fabric a second-life.

Local Manufacturing

By working with local factories here in Los Angeles, we eliminate the need to have our sewn products shipped in containers from far-flung locales. The majority of our deadstock fabrics are also purchased in Los Angeles, meaning they don't have to be shipped, and we can simply pick them up and drop them off at our factory in a single trip.


Whenever we have damaged products, excess inventory or leftover fabric scraps, we always either donate them to charity, in the case of excess or damaged products, or recycle them by finding another use for them or using available recycling channels. Just a small thing we can do to keep fabrics that have already been made in circulation and out of the landfill.

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