Summit Polo
Summit Polo
Summit Polo
Summit Polo
Summit Polo
Summit Polo
Summit Polo
Summit Polo
Summit Polo

Summit Polo

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Peak performance. Classic Style.
Built to go the distance with you, this performance polo will keep you feeling fresh and looking cool all day. The incredible moisture wicking and fast drying abilities of merino wool are guaranteed to help you beat the heat, whatever the day brings. You’ll feel like an athlete, and look like a professional.

Constructed from Woolx DuraLite fabric, our Summit merino wool polo melds the durability of Nylon/Spandex with the ultra-soft feel and amazing performance abilities of merino wool. The 83% merino wool – 12% Nylon – 5% Spandex 180g lightweight fabric is incredibly breathable, dries super-fast, naturally destroys odor, and allows for amazing air flow. Our superfine merino wool completely envelopes the strong synthetic core, leaving only all natural, ultra-smooth Merino Wool right next to your skin.
Golfing, boating, coaching, or just any casual Friday. The Woolx Summit Polo was made for days when you need high performance athletic gear, but a T-shirt just won’t do. Keep the sun off your neck, and the sweat off your back in style.

  • Perfect Polo: You asked for it, here it is! A polo for everyday wear, with jeans, khakis, or shorts, at work or on the golf course, you name it the Summit Polo is for you!
  • DURALITE Fabric: Made like no other, Woolx Duralite fabric combines the durability of nylon/spandex with the ultra-soft feel and amazing performance abilities of merino woo. The 83% merino wool - 12% nylon - 5% spandex 180g lightweight fabric is incredibly breathable, dries super fast, naturally destroys odor, and allows for amazing airflow. Our superfine merino wool completely envelops the strong synthetic core, leaving only all natural, ultra-smooth merino wool right next to your skinl.
  • Helps Regulate Body Temp: You heard correct, lightweight merino wool will keep you cool when its warm outside and warm when the weather turns cold
  • Unbelievably Soft: The smaller the micron the softer the wool - at 17.5 microns the diameter of our merino yarn is 100 times smaller in diameter than that of a human hair!
  • Prevents Odor & Wicks Moisture: Wear this shirt all day or all week long,no odor guaranteed! Merino wool wicks away moisture so bacteria has nowhere to survive, meaning you smell fresh all day long
  • Flat-lock Seams: No chafing or rubbing for continuous comfort
  • Quick Drying: Ditch cotton, merino wool dries 30% faster
  • Little Details Covered: Tagless, we use a heat stamp logo for a non rub interior label
  • Non Pill - No Itch Guaranteed: If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with any Woolx product, contact us for a free exchange or refund, that easy, no questions asked.
  • Garment Weight: Size large - 6.8 ounces
  • Designed in Upstate New York - Australian Sourced Merino Wool - Made In China
Softest Merino Wool You Will Ever Wear...Guaranteed!LIGHTWEIGHT 180g/m²
83% Australian Merino Wool - 12% Nylon - 5% Spandex


  • Regular Fit
  • Not too tight... not too loose


  • Machine Wash Cold - Tumble Dry Low
  • No Shrinkage Ever
  • It's That Simple!


Consistently exceeding expectations
After trying many merino manufacturers I find Woolx to be the softest. I’ve sometimes wondered if it was actually wool. In a stack of shirts I can pick them out by feel. That said, only time and use will prove durability. Since I’ve only had them about 6 mo it’s hard to comment.
Buy the polo. It’s awesome! In my opinion you can’t touch a merino shirt of this quality for twice the price.
6’1” 190. Large fits great. They run a tad larger than other brands.
Super Soft Polo!
Bought one for my husband. He liked the feel of it so much that I purchased one for my nephew, as well. I'm a big fan of merino wool and Woolx provides a quality product at a very reasonable price. Couldn't be happier with the purchases. Fast shipping too!
Men’s Summit Polo
Unfortunately the shirt fit was very small. I am a big guy and your t-shirt fit well but the polo made me feel like a stuffed sausage. Wish they fit the same.

About Woolx

“We made Woolx to work for us, and we live in it every day. That’s why we’re so confident our clothes will work for you.

Who We Are

We are hikers, skiers, campers, and runners. Photographers, backpackers, snowmobilers, and world travelers. Wanderers with a boundless love for wild places, a thirst for adventure, and a need to infuse nature into our everyday lives. We’re also working professionals, with families and lots of commitments. We’re real people just like you who work hard every day to strike that perfect balance, where we can fit our love for the outdoors into our busy everyday lives.
Woolx was founded by a father/daughter team from a family with a long retail history in the outdoor industry. And we’ve been soaking up the natural beauty and amazing opportunities for adventure in gorgeous Upstate NY for generations. New York’s Adirondack Park is right in our backyard and we spend every spare moment exploring its forests, lakes, trails and streams. We live and breathe the product we created, because we created it to work for us.
Our family has owned a brick and mortar clothing store here in central New York for more than 60 years. And we’ve always focused on selling products we wanted to use ourselves, high quality outdoor clothing that felt great, performed beautifully, and was an excellent value. Merino wool is truly the top-of-the line natural fabric for every activity under the sun, and we were looking for the best merino gear we could find. We needed clothing that offered a great value in both time and money. We wanted a natural product that worked well and made our outdoor lifestyle easier, not more complicated. While there are many merino clothing brands on the market, we always felt there was something lacking in their products and service.
In 2012 we decided it was time to take the leap and make our own product. We created Woolx - Merino Wool performance clothing that feels amazing, performs flawlessly, and looks great. All backed by a company that considers its customers part of the family too. We are incredibly proud to offer a product we can stand behind 100%. Because we are what we make, and we make the best merino wool clothing you’ve ever worn.

What We Do

Very simply we strive to make the world’s best merino wool clothing, offered at the best value, and provide the best customer service. We set out knowing we needed to create a 100% merino wool fabric that could be machine washed and dried without shrinkage or damage. We’re all busy people with our plates more than full. We know you need clothing that works for you, not the other way around.
From manufacturing all the way through to our customer service, we pay special attention to every detail. Producing high quality merino wool clothing for men and women that enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities. From our ultra-heavyweights for extreme warmth, to our feather-light breathable line for spring and summer, we have a merino wool garment for everyone and every adventure.
We know there are other people out there like us, people looking for high quality performance gear that you can realistically wear every day. None of us are professional athletes here. Outdoor gear should be focused on function, but it shouldn’t be intimidating either. We’re your average weekend warriors here, people who take our fun seriously and want gear that functions as well as what the pros need, but that also provides the kind of comfort and style you can use every day.
We’ve created literally the softest merino on the market. Comfort for real everyday use. Ski in it, hike in it… but also sleep in it, pick your kids up from school in it, have the comfiest casual Friday ever in it. We think if you feel good, you look good. And if you look good, you’ll feel good. Our products are built for comfort and style as much as performance, and nothing performs better than our merino wool.

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