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The Hoodie
The Hoodie
The Hoodie
The Hoodie
The Hoodie

The Hoodie

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Our signature suuuuper soft fabric makes this the softest hoodie you'll ever wear.

  • Made in Los Angeles, California.
  • Cotton 37% - For moisture control & breathability
  • Poly 50% - Makes this hoodie last longer & minimizes wrinkles & shrinkage
  • Rayon Blend 13% - Keeps the hoodie stretchy, adds a cooling effect & creates the super soft feeling of the fabric.
  • Machine Wash Normally, Cold Water.
Almost perfect!
This is definitely the softest hoodie I have ever owned. I have one gripe and one gripe only, I intentionally ordered a larger size than I normally wear to have a cozy lounge around the house hoodie and despite being a size larger it’s a tad bit short in the waist area. It’s definitely very wide, I could fit another person in there! Hahah but the length of it overall (even in the promos it seemed, so I don’t know why I’m complaining) seems shorter. But don’t misconstrue! I am in love with it and happy over all, and it more than fits, I do just wish they were a bit "baggier."
My husband LOVES it!
Hubs absolutely loves it. He says he may never take it off! My only change would be for it to be slightly longer. -Pamela V.
They don’t Lie
This is the softest most comfortable hoodie I have ever owned. Already bought my second one!

About FEAT

We (Parker & Taylor) met in an Entreprenuership class at The Univeristy of Massachusetts in 2014. We had been working on different businesses when we noticed a trend of guys & girls starting to wear crazy, bright, fun socks.

The next day we hit campus, selling socks to college kids outside of the dining hall...we sold out in just 2 hours. That year, we went on to sell 20,000 pairs of FEAT socks out of our backpacks.

Fast forward through two rounds of angel funding, and we moved the company out to Los Angeles, California to chase our dreams of building the business further.

Today, we continue to focus on having fun everyday, making products we're proud of, and constant progress throughout the business. It's a work in progress but we're loving every second of it.

FEAT: The Brand

A few things we believe:

  • Life is too short to wear boring socks
  • Comfort is everything
  • Pineapple belongs on pizza
  • Everyday should be this fun
  • Happiness above all else

The Product

For the first few years, FEAT only sold socks. After hundreds of thousands of customers joined the FEAT fam, together we decided to develop The Most Comfortable Hoodies Ever, the response was unreal.

Every product is made with the highest quality, longest lasting matrials & construction. In terms of design, we make everything a bit more fun. From the patterns on the socks, to the prints in the hoods we hope our products bring a little more fun to your everyday.

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