The Sportwool Pullover
The Sportwool Pullover
The Sportwool Pullover
The Sportwool Pullover
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The Sportwool Pullover

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When designing for comfort, we don't take short cuts.
We took the best performance technologies available and pointed them squarely at comfort. And, with the help of our friends at Denmark's Thygesen & Birk, oh man did we deliver. Super fine 17.5 micron merino wool on your skin, with a durable yet baby butt soft tri-blend face, gives you the absolute best of natural + synthetic performance.
This will quickly become your daily driver... it's tough to leave comfort like this behind.

  • A 210gsm light weight Sportwool blend of cationic polyester, polyester, merino wool, and elastane (39.5%/39.5%/18%/3%)
  • 17.5 micron super fine merino wool placed on the inside for superior comfort from enhanced thermo regulation, moisture management, and natural odor control
  • Tri-blend face provides durability, stretch, recovery, and crazy softness
  • Hidden back pocket for extra storage on the go
  • Fabric from Denmark, cut and sewn in Massachusetts
  • Safe to toss right in the washer and dryer - will shrink to size (2-3%) after first wash
  • Less Medium (between S and M) and More Medium (between M and L) for the guys who always fall between sizes (Size Guide)
Born From The Alps

The technology behind this fabric was engineered to power cyclists on rides through the Alps. It stores your body heat as you climb, and gives it back to you on those frosty descents.
The key to the fabric is its dual construction, with super fine merino wool directly against your skin, coupled with a tri-blend synthetic on the face. The merino serves to regulate your body temperature naturally, while the face pulls moisture away from the body to maintain an even balance as you heat up. Perfect for those intense update meetings.

Merino At Its Finest

17.5 micron merino is the real deal. Less than 8% of all merino sold is this fine. It’s significantly more expensive than your average merino, but when you have merino on your skin, you want it to be the good stuff.
It's love at first touch.


About Manual Outfitters


And one day in between the bikes to work, the sprints to client meetings,
and the days that ended in the next, we realized how absurd it was that our clothes were holding us back.
So we decided to do something about it.


In Fall of 2017, we finally made the leap. We quit our jobs in a wild blaze of glory* and made it our mission to create the clothes we needed. Clothes that could keep up with our craziest work days. Clothes that we actually wanted to wear.
We started by traveling the world (literally) to hunt down the best performance fabrics. Fabrics you would find on Everest, not in a conference room. The same performance fabrics that the real athletes use, not the cheap 100% polyester stuff.
Then we shattered all the molds, and redesigned our office staples from the ground up. We broke from all the automatic templates. We did it manually (and, we found a name in the process!).
We're making technical gear that doesn't look like technical gear. Performance wear that helps you make it look easy. Gear that can get you through the 5 to 9 with ease.
That's the vision we had. Clothes we could work in, play in, roof top in, travel in, and react in. Simply better gear that you don't just need, you deserve.
Because at the end of the day, this is what we live life in. Manual.
Jeff and Mike

*Actually we left on great terms and managed to secure some early investors. We miss you guys!

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