Untuck(able) Denim Plaid
Untuck(able) Denim Plaid
Untuck(able) Denim Plaid

Untuck(able) Denim Plaid

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“Smart casual” just got smarter. Meet the Untuck(ables), classic shirting that’s tailored for untucked greatness. Featuring a perfectly-untuckable tail length and our signature “T” snap, these are the perfect evolution of a look that’s always casual, but never careless. So go ahead: unwind, unplug, and most important… untuck! life's just too short to live tucked in.

"Perfect casual shirt. Modern, form fitting without being too tight, perfect with jeans or casual slacks. Slight wrinkling after washing. Love the hidden button down collar. Order one full size up for more "classical fit" if not shaped for a 'taper' fit. I went from a 16 Classic to a 17 Tapered fit and it is perfect." - Greg S.
  • Perfectly untuckable tail length
  • 100% Eqyptian Cotton Poplin
  • Hidden Button-down Collar
  • Durable Resin Buttons
  • Signature T-Logo
  • Chest Pocket

About Twillory

"I might as well throw out all of my other dress shirts because I never wear them anymore ever since I bought Twillory shirts. The fit is perfect and the fabric is amazing. And they look really sharp too." - Nathan H."Wondering why it took me so long to buy from Twillory. I wish I could trade in all my non-Twillory shirts that I wasted money on for a credit to buy more from Twillory. Do yourself a favor and JUST BUY IT!" - Michael M."Have performance material shirts from other manufacturers and this is the first one that looks professional and feels great. Plan on buying more!" Andrew W.

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