V-Neck Shirt
V-Neck Shirt
V-Neck Shirt
V-Neck Shirt
V-Neck Shirt
V-Neck Shirt
V-Neck Shirt
V-Neck Shirt
V-Neck Shirt
Arctic Cool

V-Neck Shirt

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Arctic Cool’s Instant Cooling Men’s V-Neck Shirt is a must for athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone who wants to keep cool and comfortable. It features state-of-the-art HydroFreeze X Technology, a cooling management system that reduces the fabric temperature to cool you down when you need it the most!

The shirt’s design also includes ActiveWick, our moisture wicking technology that pulls sweat away from skin and disperses it throughout the shirt, keeping you dry and cool. It’s made with fabric that includes 4-way stretch, providing a full range of motion for any activity. The Instant Cooling Men’s V-Neck Shirt is antimicrobial/anti-odor powering your shirt to smell fresh and clean after every wash! Lastly, we added on sun protection with UPF 50+ to keep you protected by blocking 98% of the sun’s rays! This V-Neck shirt makes it easy to stay cool when you need it the most.

  • The go-to v-neck shirt for men who love to keep comfortable in their active lifestyles
  • HydroFreeze X Technology chills your body temperature as you sweat
  • ActiveWick, moisture wicking technology, wicks moisture away from skin and disperses it throughout the shirt, keeping you cool and dry
  • Made with 4-way stretch fabric that supports a full range of motion
  • Antimicrobial/anti-odor and easy-to-clean
  • Rated as UPF 50+ for sun protection. Our cooling fabric blocks 98% of UV rays
  • Click here to learn more on how to give your shirt an Arctic Charge

Unlike cotton, Arctic Cool provides the ultimate comfort, with many styles that are certified as UPF 50+.

Powered by HydroFreeze X, our revolutionary fabric wicks moisture away while lowering body temperature.

Like you, our cooling technology doesn’t quit. It’s anti-microbial, machine washable, and built to last.

Everything we do is to help people train harder, go farther, and reach their maximum potential.



Christopher Hoss – Apr 11, 2019
Love this shirt! I bought this for myself after seeing an ad on facebook for a cooling shirt. I was skeptical at first but figured it was worth a shot to try out given that there is a 90 day money back guarantee. All I can say it WOW!!! There are so many companies advertising on facebook with really bad quality goods but not Arctic Cool! The shirt came in a beautiful plastic bag, pinned on tags, and the shirt is made with the highest quality of goods. My experience with Arctic Cool is that it is superior product to the Under Armours and Nike’s of the world. I am now a fan and will buy more. Thanks, Arctic Cool!


Arctic Cool is a revolution in wearable cooling technology. And our flagship line of exceptional Instant Cooling Shirts isn't just another athletic fad. As soon as you start to sweat, our shirts go to work for you. You can't help feel the difference every time you wear it. Literally.

Why a cooling shirt?

What would you prefer: a good workout, or one of the best of your life? Being uncomfortable on a hot day, or feeling as cool as a cucumber no matter how hot it gets? Cooling shirts improve your performance and your comfort level in heat. And Arctic Cool's Instant Cooling Shirts take this to a new, unparalleled level. Our shirt's cooling effect begins as soon as you start to sweat and will keep working as long as you do. What is more, Arctic Cool's unique design allows for full range of motion without weighing you down.

How do the drying and "Instant" cooling features work?

First, the shirt's microfiber fabric wicks moisture away from your skin. The fabric then disperses that moisture throughout its design. Next, our revolutionary Hydrofreeze X Technology kicks in to dramatically cool your body temperature. This helps our shirt to keep you cool and dry for as long as you need.

All Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirts are made from a 92% polyester/ 8% spandex textile blend.

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